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Video Collection


Tango: Queias de Baudoneon
Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne - Tango
Natacha Poberaj and Jesus Velasques - “Una noche de tango”
Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt - Desde el Alma - Pugliese
Nev Melo and Jennifer Bratt, Poema
Johanna Siegmann Tangoes with Eddie
Johanna Siegmann and Guillermo Alio at Ford Amphitheatre
Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne - Palomita blanca
Fabian Salas – Tango
Tango Performance Fabian and Carolina
Tango - Milongueando 2007 - Osvaldo y Coca
Tango – La Cumparsita by Diego Arizaga
Osvaldo and Lorena dance tango in  Buenos Aires
Zotto and Milena Plebs – Tango
Tango milonguero
Guillermina and Claudio dance tango
Guillermina and Claudio dance tango 2
Ilidio Varandas’ collection of performances
Tango por milangueros
Un Tango Milonguero

Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Roas – Tango
David and Anita Chu – LA Cumparsita
Adios Arrabal – Murat and Michelle Erdemsel
Tango Social Club - Tango
Esteban Moreno y Claudia Codega - DiSarli - Tango
Alberto Castillo – Anclao en Paris - 1951
Asi se baila el Tango
Tango…e Passione
Carmencita – Roldoofo & Maria – “estilos de aqui y de alla”
Homenaje a “Nelson Avila:
Nelson Avila and Nelida Rodriquez – Dark Eyes – Tango
El Arte del Tango – teatro Carre Holanda
Tango – Whatever Lola wants
“Roxana & Fabian Belnonte & Sexteto Canyenques (2 songs)
Tango – La Cumparsita

Chicho Frumboli y Juana Sepúlveda en La Ideal 2
Chicho Frumboli Dancing Tango
Tango - Chico Fromboli

Tango – Sebastián y Roxanna
Mario Consiglieri and Anabella Diaz-Hoffman – Tango
Juan Carlos Copes and Johana Copes
Juan Carlos Copes: Negracha (Trio dance)
Professional Argentine Tango – Strictly Come Dancing 2006
Oscar and MaryAnn Casas – Exhibition
Tango demo
John Henry and Robin Berry – Tango Taos
Tango de salon
Tango de salon – Improvisation – Stefano and Alexandra

Sequencias Milongueras
Sequencia Milonguera 1
Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan – Tango

Ivan and Allison Tango

Tango Nuevo
Nuevo Tango  is an approach to the dance permits new combinations of steps and new figures.  It is usually danced with an open embrace and in a very upright posture, with each partner maintaining their own axes.

Tango Nuevo 2007
Nuevo Tango Performance – Poema
Robrto Herreraa’s Show Tango Nuevo
Nuevo Tango Style - Chicho Frumboli
Nuevo Tango – Maria Trubba and Javier
Nuevo Tango –Javier Antar and Maria Trubba
Tango Dance with New Music – Performance

Narcotango plano secuncia
Greg and Lera – Tango Neuvo
Sexy Neotango clip
The Argentine Tango – Gotan Montage



Nev Melo and Jennifer Bratt, Milonga in DC
Milonga - Oliver Kolker & Luna Palacios
Milonga  Performance – Johanna Siegmann and Guillermo Alio
Exhibition – Milonga – Oscar and Mary Ann Casas
Melina Sedo and Detlef Engel dance a Milonga

Guillermina and Claudio dance milonga
El Flaco Dany with Silvina Valz – Milona – “Tango Negro”
El Flaco Dany dances Morena with Silvina Valz - milonga
Milonga – Paolo and Giulia Grascelli
Silvina Valz and Oliver Kolker – “Parque Patricios” – Milonga
Oliver and Silvina - Milonga

Chicho Frumboli y Juana  - Milonga
El Portenito – Sexteto Tito Ferrari – Milonga
Milonga – Pepito Avellandeda et Suzuki de Souza
Milonga a Gavito
Ballet – Milonga

Milonga – Javier Rodriquez and Geraldine Rojas
Candombe by Daniella Pucci and Luis Bianchi – Tango Negro
Candombe milonga impro

Dani Garcia and Luna Palacios at a milonga
Dispari and Laza - Milonga
Milonga (Zorro Gris)

Los Hermanos - Macana Milonga


Tango Vals Francia by Diego Arizaga
Vals music-video compilation BEAUTIFUL
Tango X2 Gabriel Misse & Guillermina Wilson – Vals
Tango Vals – Matteo Y Patricia
Vals – Hugo and Miriam 
Vals – Balmaceda y de la Rosa
Osvaldo y Coca CArtery Vals
Tango Vals – Tete Pedro Rusconi y Silvia
Tango Vals – Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa
Tango Vals – Fabian and Carolina

Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida – Vals
Romantico y Sonador – Sexteto Tito Ferrari – Vals
Mariella Franganillo and Jorge Torres – VALS

Amor y Cellos Vals
Tu Palida voz - Alberto and Valerie - VALS
DiSarli – VALS – Rosamel – Murat Erdemsel and Marina Galassi

Tango Vals
Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan – Vals


The Canyenque is a form of tango from the 1920s and 1930s.  It is not certain whether it is accurately portrayed by modern day dancers.

Canyenque performance – Anna Karrassik and Ernest Williams
Canyenque – Marta and Manolo
Canyenque Demo – Tonya y Tom
Canyenque Performance
Canyenque con Gatto
Canyenque – Maurizio Galarzo and Natalia Perez

Demo Tango Canyenque elflete

Candombe comes from that period of South American history when African Slavery was prevalent.  It's origin lies in the "Kings of Congo" processional  ceremonies. The Candombe is related to other South American music such as the tumba, the maracatu (Brazil), and the congadas (Brazil).  The Candombe had pretty much developed by the early 1800s but was quickly viewed as a threat to the ruling powers and social elite who sought to ban it.

Candombe - Edoard and Alla
Candombe - Fecundo and Kely
Candombe milonga impro

Tango milonga-condombe
Candombe Tango



Libertango from “The Tango Lesson”
Tango X2 Gabriel Misse & Guillermina Wilson – Vals
Tango Passion - Performance
Tango Argentina
Jennifer Lopez –Shall we dance? - Gotan project

Miguel Zotto and Erica Boaglio dance tango  in Tango X2
Miguel Zotto dances tango SOLO

Miguel Zotto and Milen Plebs dance tango in Tango X2

Tango from Forever Tango
AL Pacino – Scent of a woman
Tango “La Cumparsita” from the movie “TANGO”
Tango Fire – La Comparsita

Carmen - A Tango Tale
Professional Argentine Tango
Shall we dance – Richard Gere and Jenifer Lopez
El Tango de Roxanne by Moilin Rouge
El Tango de Roxanne
Take The Lead: Movie Clip
Enrique Rodriquez – Il Ballo Del Zorro

Tango del Atardecer – from Carlos Saura’s Tango Movie
Tango Choreography from the movie “Tango” by Carlos Saura
Recuerdo from “Tango” by Carlos Saura

Milonga "A Juan Carlos Copes" from motion picture "Tango"
Cell Block Tango - Chicago
Tango: Juan Carlos Copes
Tango Italiano – Shastro and Maria


Of Interest

Upside Down Tango
Figure Skating and Tango

Ice Skating = Argentine Tango
Tango on Ice
Figure Skating to the Argentine Tango
The Golden Age Ballet – Tango 1

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