December 14th, 2019 - Workshop and Performance
by Gayle Madeira and Tioma "El Ruso" Maloratsky

June 4, 2016 - Workshop and performance by Carolina Jaurena and Andres Bravo

May 28, 2016
Class with Adriana Salgado Neira -  Celebrating Gabriel's Birthday 

May 14, 2016 
Walter Perez and Leonardo Sardella

April 24, 2016 Tomás Corbalán and Yamila Ivonne
A Tribute to Prince

On March 26, 2016, final class of "The Anatomy of a Tango Step" with Adriana Salgado
was an unforgetable event!  This time, joined by her partner Orlando Reyes,
they gave a remarkable class and a gorgeous performance that
brought the entire room to its feet!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016 
"The Anatomy of a Tango Step" with Adriana Salgado Neira!
Almost 40 people attended this class!  A real tribute to her quality of teaching
and to everyone's commitment to their tango!

Saturday March 12, 2016
A celebration for Sigfredo Carrion and Karl Jacob, Maestro Raul Jaurena!
A fabulous treat for everyone!

Sunday March 6, 2016  
"The Anatomy of a Tango Step" with Adriana Salgado Neira
This pre-milonga class was a huge success!  
What a fabulous bunch of tangueros!

February 13, 2016
Special Guest Event with Guillermina Quiroga and Mariano Loguidice

Mondays January 11, 18 and 25 - For the first time at TutT
Tango Musicality Workshops with Gustavo Rios 
These classes have been a huge success! 
We feel such joy and pride for a community that really wants to learn
about the music and culture of Argentine Tango!

Sunday, January 10, 2016
Workshop and Performance by Jorge Torres

Sunday, December 13, 2015 
Michael Nodtochi and Eleonora Kalganova

Saturday November 14, 2015 Ana Padrón and Diego Blanco

Sunday, October 11, 2015
Workshop by Walter Perez and Performance by Walter with all the ladies at TutT

Sunday, September 13, 2015 - Worksho and Performance by
Tomas Corbalan and Yamila Ivone

Sunday, August 9, 2015  Workshop and Performance by Ciko and Adam

Saturday, July 11, 2015
Workshop and Performance by Carolina Jaurena and Andres Bravo

Saturday June 13, 2015
Alberto Ramos Cordero and Micaela Colleen Barret

Suturday May, 9, 2015

Sunday April 12, 2015

Sunday March 7, 2015

                                                                              Sunday January 11, 2015

Saturday December 6, 2014

Saturday October 11, 2014

September 2014 -Silvana Grizuela-Weigel and Gustavo Rios

August 2014 - Adam and Ciko

July 2014 - The Great American Weekend, Goshen, NY  
Carolina Jaurena and Andres Bravo

June 2014

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014

January 2014

New Year's Eve 2013

December 2013  Armando y Nuria


                                                               Novemeber, Walter and Leo 2013

October 2013, Diego Blanco y Ana Padron

October 5 2013, Carolina and Andres

Halloween 2013

Septiember 2013 Vanja and Kat

August 2013, Carlos and Karen

July 2013 - Adam and Ciko

June 2013, Gustavo y Francesca

June 2013, Andres y Carolina

Saturday May 11, 2013

Workshop and Performance with Walter Perez and Leonardo Sardella

Walter and Leonardo are amazing instructors, they made everyone feel comfortable.  Their instruction is so clear that without a doubt everyone in the class learned a lot from them.  The performance was very beautiful and they invited all the ladies to join them on the dance floor for a special treat to celebrate Mother's Day! 
TutT loves Walter and Leo, they are not just great dancers and instructors but their charm and warm attitude wins over everyones heart!  We want them back!

To see this album please click on the l ink.  Visit our Facebook page to see more photos from this event.!i=2507967482&k=gC7zBDG&lb=1&s=A

  April 2013, Adriana Salgado and Orlando Reyes

March 2013, Rebecca and Evan

February 2013

December 2012


Saturday November 10, 2012 Workshop and Performance by:

From Colombia, Edwin Cardenas and Tanya Gutierrez

Edwin Cardenas and Tanya Gutierrez were a big hit with TutT tangueros, they are both excellent teachers and their performance was absolutely amazing!!!  TutT is looking forward to having them back the next time they visit the US!!! 

Saturday October 27, 2012  TutT's Halloween Milonga

Congratulations to all that dressed up for TutT's Halloween Milonga 2012, you all looked great!!! Thank you to all the tangueros that attended, it was so much fun!!!

Saturday October 6, 2012
Workshop and Performance by:
Carolina Jaurena and Andrés Bravo -  Guest DJ, Greg Lordi

Thank you Carolina and Andrés for a fabulous workshop! The performance was beyond exquisite. Carolina and Andrés received a standing ovation! The elegance, grace and musicality of this beautiful couple leaves the audience in a sort of "tango trance"

Saturday September 8, 2012

TutT Special Venue Event - Pamela's on the Hudson

This was a romantic evening, what a location!!!  In spite of the stormy weather many tangueros came to enjoy this milonga.  A million thanks to Ferdinand Ritz and to Pamela's for hosting this milonga!!!
To see photographs please go to TutT's Facebook page or to our Flicker account.


Saturday August 11, 2012

Workshop and Performance by
Luis Bianchi and Daniela Pucci

Daniela and Luis' discovery of how "milonga" was created at the end of the night when everyone was, let's say, a bit tipsy...
Mil y mil gracias queridos Daniela y Luis for an unforgettable evening!!! Thank you Viva for your beautiful music!!!


Sunday July 8, 2012
TutT Commemorates the birthday of our founder, the late Dr. Jerry Neri 
Workshop and Performance by:
Walter Perez and Leonardo Sardella - DJ, Viva Feiner

Walter and Leonardo are just great together!!!  At TutT we so appreciate their genuine warmth, thier approach to teaching and their flawless, exciting, creative and fabulous performance!!! Every body wants them back already!

What a beautiful afternoon milonga, very fitting to honor the memory of our dear friend and founder of TutT, Jerry Neri.
It was grand to have so many beautiful tangueros in our neck of the woods, over 90 people attended this event!!!  Thank you to all, specially to those that came from far way and to all of Walter and Leonardo's students and friends!

Warmest gratitude to Viva Feiner for the wonderful music and to Ilene Marder, La Rubia del Norte for gifting us with her presence at this milonga!

Please go to our Facebook page to see photos from this event.


Saturday June 2, 2012 Antón Gazenbeek and Ninah Beliavsky

Anton Gazeenbeck and Nina Beliavsky's Canyengue Class at TutT, June 2, 2012 was great!  We learned so much with them not just about the steps but about the history of Tango. Their performance was gorgeous!!! Thank you Ninah and Anton! Another great event to be repeated!
To see photos from this event go to TutT FB page or our flicker account.


Saturday May 12, 2012  Walter Perez and Leonardo Sardella

Walter and Leonardo were so amazing!  The class was great, with people at all different levels everyone learned o lot from this class.  The performance was elegant and energetic, as part of their performance they invited all the mothers to dance with them to celebrate Mother's Day.  Walter and Leonardo are beautiful dancers, they are also warm and charismatic!!! Needless to say they have stolen everyone's heart at TutT.  They will be back to help us celebrate the birthday of the late Jerry Neri, founder of Tango under the Tent.
To see photos of this performance please visit our "Tango Under the Tent Facebook group"

Saturday April 14, 2012

Workshop and Performance by Carolina Jaurena and Andrés Bravo

They gave us a wonderful class and a stunningly beautiful performance!!! 
To see this album please click on this link

Carolina has been TutT's sweet heart, TutT has had the pleasure of having Carolina with Diego Blanco, Anton Gazenbeek, Carlos Paredes and now with Andrés Bravo.  Their connection is beyond words.  TutT is sure to have them back again and again!!!

Saturday March 3, 2012
Workshop and performance by Ninah Beliavsky and Gustavo Ríos Tango and Chacarera

This was indeed a delightful evening!!! The connection of these two wonderful dancers with everyone in the room during the classes, the milonga and the performance was so beautiful!!! Thank you so much Ninah and Gustavo for sharing so much with all of us. The classes were excellent. We were so impressed with your performance. Your explanation and demonstration of tango Canyengue, with the change of costumes, was such a fun way for us to learn about the origin of Tango. Your elegance and grace and the joy with which you dance left a warm feeling in our hearts!!! The Chacarera was fabulous! We enjoyed every minute of it!!! By popular demand, TutT will have Ninah Beliavsky and Gustavo Ríos back in June!

To see the album for this event visit our photo gallery:
or visit our group in Facebook.  Join us in Facebook : Tango Under the Tent - Argentine Tango

Saturday February 11, 2012
Workshop and performance by Ana Padron and Diego Blanco

It was a beautiful performance, their skill, musicality and grace are absolutely amazing!!! We loved having them, each one of us learned so much from them!!!

Mil gracias Ana y Diego, we look forward to having you back soon!
To see the album for this event go to:

Saturday January 14, 2012

Workshop and Performance by Carolina Jaurena and Carlos Paredes.

She had long ago stolen the hearts of all the men and women of TutT. Then he came and asked the ladies: "Do you love me?" (embrace me) "Are you comfortable my love?"  Then he initiated the walk. Then they danced!

He stole the hearts of all the ladies and the men were left saying:  "Oh! So, that is how you do it!" 

He reminded us, especially the leads to find their "Point" (the axis) to feel the music and to decide from there where to go next. To learn the “how” not the sequence…  They reminded the followers to find her point also, to wait patiently and gracefully until the lead initiates the next movement.

What could be more essential in tango than finding your "Point / Axis" "From there" he told us, "there is an infinite number of possibilities". 

He told the leads:  "If you want a parada, do a parada, don't go around the world to then do your parada just because that is a sequence that you have learned." To feel the music, that is dancing... 
Learn the "how" not the sequence, find your point, let the music speak to you.  Dance your own dance!!! 

It was a great class and a fabulous performance!!!  Mil gracias Carolina and Carlos!  Many thanks to all of you beautiful tangueros that came and participated in this wonderful event!

Keep dancing with us and with all the other venues in the area and make sure that you mark your calendars for the next workshop and performance with Diego Blanco and Ana Padron on Saturday February 11, 2012.

From all the TutT Team, muchos abrazos (many hugs)

Enjoy the photos and the movie clips!  (just click on the link or copy and paste onto your web browser),,

Saturday June 27th, 2009

First Annual Mega-Milonga
Raises Funds for "Cell-Phones for Soldiers"

Left: Tango under the Tent Officers (left to right) Sher Singh, Randi Perrelle and Pamela Breeman present check to Cell Phones for Soldiers representative, Alixis Hull.


Tango Under The Tent held its First Hudson Valley
Mega-Milonga on Saturday, June 27th. Tango leaders from the Hudson Valley were honored by 150 attendees in an evening that included refreshments, a performance by the internationally renowned Tango artists, Carolina Jaurena and Anton Gazenbeek, a silent auction, TangoArt and plenty of Tango music and dancing!

The evening was a fund raiser for Cell Phones For Soldiers, a not-for-profit organization which raises money to purchase calling cards for soldiers serving on active duty. Tango Under The Tent was able to present a check for $2,850 which represented the proceeds from the Mega Milonga evening. Accepting the donation on behalf of Cell Phones for Soldiers was Alixis Hull, who began her work with the organization as a way to honor the memory of her nephew, CPL Justin R. Garcia, who was killed in Iraq in 2006.

The fund raising efforts of Tango Under The Tent are a part of the organization�s mission which highlights the importance of giving back to the community. Other activities include providing free lessons to the military and therapeutic and recreational programs run in homes for seniors and for people with disabilities.

Saturday February 14th, 2009

Valentines Day Milonga -
At Strictly Ballroom / New Windsor, NY

Tango under the Tent hosted its Valentine milonga on
February 14th at Joe Maraday�s �Strictly Ballroom� in New Windsor. With everyone dressed in something red and with all the ladies receiving a red rose as they entered, the mood was cast for the evening. The low lights and narcotizing sounds kept the dance floor busy all evening. The house was packed to a standing room only crowd. The audience was mesmerized with an outstanding performance by Ivan and Sara that brought the love and passion of Valentine�s Day to life. Their encore vals was an impressive work of beauty and simplicity. The event was so well received that �A Valentine�s Day Milonga and Performance� will now become part of the tradition of �Tango under the Tent�. Special thanks to all who helped make the evening a success.

Wednesday December 31st, 2008

NEW YEARS EVE GALA - Warwick, NY at Chateau Hathorn

Our first New Year's Eve Gala occurred at Chateau Hathorn in
Warwick, NY.  It was an elegant event with great company, great food, and great drink, along with lots of tango, milonga, and vals. 
34 dancers turned out for the festivities.  The men looked dashing and the women were gorgeous as they danced the evening away only to be interrupted for the countdown to the New Year.  Many expressed the desire to make this an annual event.


Click Here For December 31st Photo Gallery
by Luz Piedad Lopez & Jerry Neri

Click Here for Tango Art from this event

by Jerry Neri


Saturday December 29th, 2008
MILONGA - At Joe Maradays New Studio


Click Here For December 29th Photo Gallery
by Luz Piedad Lopez & Tango Art


Saturday October 31st, 2008


Click Here For October 31st Photo Gallery

Saturday October 11th, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent

Click Here For October 11th Tango Art Gallery

Click Here For October 11th Photo Gallery

October 4th & 5th, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent
With Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan


Click Here For October 4th & 5th Tango Art

Click Here For October 4th Photo Gallery

Click Here For October 4th & 5th Photo Gallery


Saturday August 16th, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent

A regular Milonga with a special emphasis on singles meeting singles. Many of our group would like to meet dance partners (and who knows what cupid plans). Group lesson.

Click Here For Photo Gallery

Saturday August 10th, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent

Photo Gallery By Jerry Neri

Photo Gallery By Luz Piedad Lopez


July 26th & 27th, 2008

With Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo

click here to visit the dancer's bio's

photo by Luz Piedad Lopez

Click Here For a Photo Gallery By Jerry Neri

see flier from event

Videos by Karl and Ingrid Jacobs
due to the file size of the videos below, right click on each video and choose "save target as"

video 1: Exploring the Tantalizing Seduction of the Sacada Sequence


video 2: Combining Tango Elements to the Milonga Beat


video 3: Advanced Giros and Enrosques combined with Tango Elements


video 4: Flirt with the Ganchos and explore the possibilities


video 5: Saturday Evening Milonga


Saturday July 19th, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent

Click here for a Photo Gallery by Jerry Neri


Saturday July 13th, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent

Photo by Jerry Neri

Click Here for a Photo Gallery By Jerry Neri

Click here for a Photo Gallery By Luz Piedad Lopez


Saturday June 28th, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent
with Carina Moeller from Triangulo


We had a great turnout for "Tango Under the Tent" with special guest Carina Moeller from Triangulo Studio in NYC.  She gave a very interesting lesson which included all of the following elements: sacada, gancho, barrida, boleo, and colgada.  Everyone had a good time and we look forward to having her back again in the near future.  Check the web site for pictures.  You may be a "Dancing Star".

Carina Moeller is an accomplished dancer with training in modern dance, ballet, tap and jazz. After dancing professionally and performing with modern and theater dance groups all over the world, Carina moved to New York City in 1995, and danced with the Doris Humphrey Repertory Company.  In love with Argentine Tango since her early theater days in Berlin, Carina combined passion and profession and pursued a career in Argentine tango. Her teachers have included Fabian Salas, Pablo Veron, Gustavo Naveira, Danel and Maria, Julio and Corina Balmaceda, Chicho and Lucia, and Mingo Pugliese. In 1998, in the heart of Manhattan, Carina opened her own dance studio: Triangulo; New York City's only dance studio exclusively dedicated to Argentine Tango.

photo by Luz Piedad Lopez

Click Here for Photos by Luz Piedad Lopez


Saturday May 3rd, 2008

At Tango Under The Tent

We started off our tango under the tent season with a very enjoyable milonga that was very well attended.  The cool weather required keeping the sides up on the tent and using heaters but everyone seemed to be comfortable.  Our first pre-milonga beginner's lessons was also well attended and several of the newcomers stayed for the milonga.  Special thanks to Carlos Sampelayo for a great selection of music and to Ingrid Jacob for another one of her outstanding home made cakes.  Thanks again to Carlos and Jerry Kline for providing the lessons to new comers.

The tent seemed aglow in the cool early May air and the pulse of the music permeated the night.

Photo Galleries From The Event

Photos from Sandy Sulyma

Photos from Luz
Piedad Lopez


April 26th & 27th, 2008


Guillermina and Roberto
At Strictly Ballroom

We would like to extend a robust Thank You to everyone who participated in the workshops and milonga this weekend at Strictly Ballroom. The workshops by Guillermina and Roberto were awesome and we had a great turnout.  The Saturday evening Milonga with music by DJ Ilene Marder was very well attended and the performance by Guillermina and Roberto was inspiring.  We hope that you all enjoyed the events as much as we did.  Due to the enthusiastic participation and overwhelming positive feedback, we hope to be able to provide other affordable weekends such as this in the very near future.  We look forward to seeing many of you at our 'tango under the tent'.

View the photo gallery from event by Luz Piedad Lopez, Ingrid & Karl Jacob, & Jerry Neri

Saturday 10:00 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.

Boleos, Ganchos, Barridas and Enrosques for men and women


Saturday 11:45 A.M - 1:15 P.M.
Playing with the axis, colgadas and combinations


Saturady MIlonga 8:00 - midnight
Performance 9PM


Sunday  10:30 A.M - 12 Noon
Giros, Sacadas, and Combinations


Sunday 12:15 P.M. - 1:45 P.M.
Milonga: musicality, lisa and with traspie, playing with the rhythm



email us to add your comments
Our Friday night Milonga was a huge success.  Our attendance keeps growing and we anticipate continued growth and participation with our weekly mini-lessons.  Carlos and Lynn Sampelayo once again got us going with the promised change of direction to the left after the previous turn to the right.  They then joined together both steps making a very interesting combination; which could be continued as a chain, or used separately.  We thank them for their support and excellent instruction.

Comment by Jerry & Adele

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of individuals we enjoy an excellent facility in the Round Hill House, Washingtonville NY. Its atmosphere and ambience lend a nice touch to the weekly Friday Milonga and is a welcome continuation of the popular Milongas �Under the Tent� during the summer. Word is spreading and the attendance is growing. Our special thanks to Carlos and Lynn for their complimentary lessons.
Ingrid and Karl


Comment by Ingrid and Karl Jacob - February 11, 2008

Tango Under The Tent and The Round Hill House Milonga offer tangueros a supreme location for dancing.  We all gather eager to share our passion for dance, friends and the love of life.  People will welcome you with open arms and are always there to encourage you to learn and enjoy the sublime art of Tango.  Jerry, Adele, Carlos and Lynn have mastered the art of teaching the dance.  These Maestros make it easy for people of all ages to find their own perfection in this valuable form of expression.  Come and experience the passion for dance, the love of friends and the joy of life!!

Comment by Ignacio  and Christina - February 11, 2008

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