Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo are verifiably one of the most prominent couples in the world of Argentine Tango. They are renowned for their style, interpretation, choreography, command of the stage and clear teaching technique. They have a unique ability to convey to their audience and their students the scope of tango emotions from intense passion to the comic.

The level of their talent and enormous creativity is evident in the productions which they conceived, produced, choreographed and starred in:


2000 Tango Dreams, the show

2003 Adam & Eve

2004 Malena (a fusion of Tango and Flamenco).

2005- The fantasy show

2006- Tango Dreams, new version, (toured Indonesia and USA)

2007- The four Seasons


In 2005, Fernanda and Guillermo were given the great honor to be the first non-Asians ever invited to perform along with Japan's most important artists on stage at the Imperial Theater

Fernanda & Guillermo debuted their shows in theaters in Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Israel, Los Angeles, CA; Long Beach, CA; and Tokyo, Japan. Their longest run was in Tokyo, where they sold out the theater every night for six weeks in 2002, eight weeks in 2003 and 2004. In recognition of their superb artistry, they were invited to perform in concert with the  New Mexico Symphony and the Long Beach Symphony orchestras in 2003.


Individually or as a couple, the dynamic talent and achievements of Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo are the result of many years of study, preparation and dedication.

Although already studying to have a career in classical ballet and modern dance, Fernanda began dancing Tango at the tender age of 13. Soon her passion for Argentine Tango superceded her other professional goals.

Already on stage dancing Argentine Folklorico and modern dance, Guillermo was only 12 when he encountered Tango. Although not destined to meet for another ten years, Fernanda and Guillermo  had in common an intense need and desire to dance Tango.

Here is a sampling of the range of events their talent has taken them to and the honors bestowed upon them:

-  United States Tango Congress (Miami, FL), 1999, 2000/01/02/04/06

-  Nora's Tango Week (San Francisco, CA), 2000/01/03/06

-  Cruises for Tango at Sea to Alaska, Hawaii, West Caribbean,

   and the Mediterranean  2001/02/03/04/05

-  Hamburg Tango Festival (Germany),2002/03/07

-  Taipei International Tango Festival 2003/06

-  London International Tango Festival, 1999, 2000/01/02

-  Piazzolla Meeting (Loussanne, Switzerland), 2002

-  The Tango Ball (San Diego, CA), 2000/02/03

-  Encuentro con Los Grandes (Madrid, Spain), 2002

-  Tango Festival Karlsruhe (Germany), 2000/01/02/04

-  Festival International Argentine Tango Tarbes (France),2003

-  International Taipei Tango Festival (Taiwan), 2003

-  Tango Festival in Denmark, 2003

-  New York Tango Festival, 2000

-  Congreso Internacional Tango Argentino, C.I.T.A.

   (Buenos Aires, ARG), 2000

-  Monetreal-Quebec International Tango Festival, 1999, 2000

-  Reno Tango Gateway, 1999


- Featured dancers in the PBS special "Tango Magic", with the Orpheus Orchestra and Pablo Zeigler -a Sony Production.

    - First Place in the WORLD Argentine Tango Championship, Miami, 1999.

    -  Tony Award, Best Choreography "Forever Tango" 1997, 1998.

In 2000, Fernanda & Guillermo made six volumes of instructional videos that are constantly in demand. Also in demand and now available is the video of their show "Tango Dreams" from it's Los Angeles run.

   At the start of 2007 they produced and released for sale a new DVD, the first one ever to focus on the specific physical training dancers of tango need.  

Procurer, Rules and Syllabus Coordinators for the International Tango Competition, WCARTER whose mission is to promote and set forth a high standard of dance and to encourage the promotion of the Argentine Tango as an art form.

Since 1998, each year Fernanda & Guillermo perform and teach in over thirty cities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

 In 2007 they produced the first International Tango Congress in Las Vegas that brought together  tango lovers from all over the world for three days to the famous Riviera Hotel. 

Fernanda & Guillermo reside in the United States.
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